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"A site you'd probably would want to avoid or skim through but not actually read in all."
Hot dogs, a frankfurter, especially one served hot in a long, soft roll and topped with various condiments.
FAQs, like as of a list
of questions and answers relating to a particular subject, especially one giving basic information for users of a website. In deminer
to Pronounced as separate letters, or as "fak," and short for frequently asked questions, a FAQs is an online document that poses a series
of common questions and answers on a specific topic. FAQs originated in Usenet groups as a way to answer questions about the rules of the
service and so on...

Also if you’re in dire need of knowing how to construct the world’s greatest Opinionated Dish, find under Extras.
Another are of riddles, you'll find under About us. Under Contacts you'll find random and for Bazaar, there are
FAQs upon what’s important for "need to know" information on anything in this world, just kidding. Depends on your preference.
This site comes in a variety of topics from food, riddles, and bazaar hotdog problems aka joking.

Hope you enjoy :)
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