Corvindae- Short Stories

Arilen Somani Cinder


My name is Arilen Somani Cinder. I was born this afternoon, from the mind of an aspiring writer who decided to create both an original website and one using a template, so see which was the most sucessful. I am here to help you transverse this collection of short stories, written by the author of this site while the author herself continues to work on her other enterprises.

The following stories are a testimate to over fifteen years worth of work, written in times of joy and torment alike. They are meant to give perspective into the world and to be enjoyed as best they can. You may notice a navigation bar above these stories with strange words. They are to tell you which world the stories take place in: either plain old earth, the future, or my own made-up world of Nunya. Enjoy, and may madness always keep you.

Your humble creation, Arilen