Dragonball Z


Hello and welcome, before anything else i would like to state that this website is not official and is a fan website. I do not own dragon ball or have anything to do with it, I am simply a fan that loves the show to death. The show is about a Man named Goku. Goku is abnormally strong, thats because he isnt human, he is a Saiyan, a now near extinct species from a distant planet, the Saiyans were a strong warrior race known for their ferocity and bloodlust. Throughout the show Goku and his friends defend earth from world shaking evils that threaten entire universes. I will have some descriptions of some of the more well known characters and some favorites like my personal favorite, Broly. With that in mind i would like to take this chance to mention that it will NOT be all of the Heroes and villains Just the Main ones and Favorites. If awesome fight scene's, powerful energy beams, and energy bombs sounds cool to you, I implore you to go and check the show out for yourself and support Funimation, Toei animation and Akira Toriyama, The original creator for DragonBall and DragonBall Z