Otto's Oddities

Questionable Goods at Reasonable Prices

Welcome to Otto's!

We hope you enjoy your stay...

Looking for an exotic gift? Perhaps a housewarming present for a friend fed up with cheap novelty crap, or maybe something ominous to send to those pesky college kids that keep throwing house parties at 2AM? Then you've come to the right place! Otto's will have everything your looking for and more!


In our Goods section you will find a varity of items ranging from nice and useful to strange and mystifying!


In our "safe" Items section we hold auctions on specality goods and donations given to us by our lovely customers and sponsers! These items often go very fast, so join in while you can!


Want to get rid of something but can't find any buyers? Does it always return to your nightstand no matter how many times you throw it into the ocean? Then hop on over to our Doners page and we'll sell it for you! As long as your item holds the same air of mystery and charm that comes with all of Otto's products, we guarentee that your donation will be out of your life within the week!